Bayreuth’s new Flying Dutchman is a game of doctors and nurses

First rehearsal shot from NHS ward Wagner:

 Photo: Enrico Nawrath/ Bayreuther Festspiele

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  • Correct. Not a new production. The video lives on YouTube and is a testament to the overall ghastliness of it all. But it doesn’t end with the production. For instance, Merbeth as Senta is a non-event and reason enough to avoid this. She was the Senta again two evenings ago. The others were neither here nor there so nothing memorable about the effort. Thielemann alone could not/cannot save the show.

  • Norman Lebrecht, you are an embarassment to music journalism. The production is neither new, nor are there any nurses or doctors. Check your facts, know what you are writing about.

      • Ah…

        My point is that this is not an easy time of the year to ‘drive content’. Talking about an old Hollaender for no obvious reason (no news here) is a sad case in point.

        Hope that is clear.

  • In fact, this is the OLDEST of Bayreuth’s current productions. It was new in, erm, 2012. Eight years ago.

    Still no correction.

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