A leading Brünnhilde resigns from the role

A leading Brünnhilde resigns from the role


norman lebrecht

August 30, 2018

Evelyn Herlitzius has told opera houses this week that she is done with Wagner’s big heroine.

Vienna has replaced her in the forthcoming Ring with the experienced Swedish soprano, Iréne Theorin.




  • CYM says:

    « Oy Oh Oh » was she burned out with too many immolations ? (Or perhaps she was on
    the Sick-fried list !?

  • John Rook says:

    A shame for us but probably a wise move from this most intelligent of singers.

    • Caravaggio says:

      How exactly is Herlitzius this “most” intelligent of singers?

      • John Rook says:

        I take it you don’t know her.

      • Cynical Bystander says:

        I read many of your comments railing against most, if not all, of the singers currently on the operatic stage. You equally seem non too pleased about much of Opera per second today. Could you share with us whether there is anything that measures up to your exacting standards?

      • msc says:

        “Most” can simply mean “one of the most”, “among the most”; it does not have to be a true superlative. I would agree that she is a particularly thoughtful singer in how she both sings and interprets her texts.

        • Olassus says:


          Caravadge is losing his varnish, even dodging Cynical’s comment and fair question.

        • Yes Addison says:

          I agree with MSC’s summing up. She has a voice that often is not under great control, and the sound she makes isn’t what I’d call beautiful to hear, but she’s never boring. She’s an intelligent interpreter and a riveting presence who knows exactly what she’s singing about. So she’s one of the eternal operatic types, especially in Wagner.

        • John Rook says:

          @MSC: Thanks for being bothered when I couldn’t.

      • Back to shellac says:

        Go back to your Frida Leider recordings and leave those of us who enjoy living singers in peace