A bad record by Joyce DiDonato is such a rarity

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

A bad album by Joyce Didonato is such a rarity that it warrants serious attention. The release at hand is a live recording of a Wigmore Hall recital just before last Christmas — not so much a recital as a tissue of decorations around a half-hour monologue by Joyce’s favourite composer Jake Heggie, all of them accompanied by string quartet.

The monologue is …

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  • Truely overrated singer. Never couldn’t really understand her phenomenon in the classical music world. She is kind of ‘good’, intelligent , but not the one who could touch people’s hearts. Seriously, the real generation of true singers/artists, is already dead. And nowadays we experience singing as a sport or beauty industry…
    Personally I still believe in ‘oldschool’ power of Nina Stemme, Nadine Sierra, Violeta Urmana, Juan Diego Florez (in his lighter repertoire) and probably there are few more of them…But 90 proc. Of so called ‘stars’ has nothing to do with high quality classical singing art…So sad! No more Beverly Sills, Samuel Ramey, Jessie Norman, Caballe, Pavarotti, Björling, Mignon Dun, Auger, Robert Merrill…Callas…
    At least I still have a possibility to enjoy the amazing recordings they left behind.
    p.s. sorry for my broken english

    • Pardon me, but *nonsense.*

      “Only Ponselle, Rethberg, Schipa and Muzio were worth hearing, no one since has come close.”

      Listen to JDD’s videos of HERCULES (from Paris) and CENDRILLON ( from Covent Garden), both well represented on YT, or– some examples among many– “Cara speme” as an encore at Wigmore or her “La barcheta” ( Hahn)–and get back to us on whether or not she can move people’s hearts.

      • Ditto x 10, especially Hercules.

        And if Ollie Pier is listing off great singers of a bygone age Joan Sutherland should definitely be there, thanks all the same.

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