6 women in Shanghai Stern final

6 women in Shanghai Stern final


norman lebrecht

August 24, 2018

The finalists are:

Nancy Zhou, United States
Yun Tang, China
Diana Tishchenko, Ukraine
Jia Yi Chen, China
Chang Yuan Ting, Canada
Olga Šroubková, Czech Republic


The final starts next Thursday.


  • Trevor S. says:

    Norman is satisfied ! Mirga for president !

  • Insider says:

    Wait no one is surprised by the fact that more than half are students of juries?

    The two Chinese are students from shanghai’s Yu, and Ting is Schwartberg’s student, while Nancy Zhou took lessons with Dumay

  • Peter says:

    As long as their gender was not an overt or covert selection criterion, then an all one gender final is not a problem. From a large group of evenly mixed males and females, you might expect six finalists to be all one gender in about 2 competitions in 64, and half of them would be all female.
    More telling would be the gender balance of applicants, the student population.
    Let’s hope there are no calls for a minimum number of male, or female finalists. Or left handlers, or ethnic backgrounds, or nationalities.

    But students of jurors ? Oops, that does look like covert selection criteria.