Yale’s go-to cello retires at 96

Yale University has announced the retirement of Aldo Parisot after 60 years on the faculty of its School of Music.

Aldo’s students include Ralph Kirshbaum, Jian Wang, Roman Jablonsky, Shauna Rolston, and Carter Brey,

Born in Natal, Brazil, in September 1921, he arrived at Yale as a student in 1946 and liked it so much he never left.

Read an appreciation here.


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  • Philippa Ballard says:

    “Yale’s go-to CELLIST…” surely ?

    • Bruce says:

      Norman does this. He refers to instrumentalists as instruments (and conductors as “batons” or sometimes “sticks”). Notice how he indicates people in other recent posts: LA mourns principal trumpet, PM congratulates principal bassoon, Asst. principal clarinet arrested, etc. I think the only people he refers to with “-ist” are piano players. I don’t know if it’s a Lebrecht thing, or a Brit thing.

      • Bruce says:

        LOL, I meant to say “MP,” not “PM.” 😛

      • Bill says:

        Have you noticed also that the pattern is broken with violists? Always seems to refer to them as viola players, but never a mention of a violin player or a cello player, or a clarinet player, or…

      • PJA says:

        Metonymy is the figure of speech in which one idea is substituted for another closely associated with it. The crown, for the queen; suits for business people, hired gun for an assassin; baton for conductor; and the instrument for the player. It is meant to sound more literate.

        • Bruce says:

          Thanks. I knew there was a word for it, but I forgot I knew the word. 🙂

          (For those interested, the companion term is “synechdoche,” where a part is used to refer to the whole, e.g. “Chicago” for the Chicago Symphony)

  • Jerome Hoberman says:

    Interesting that the tribute article makes no mention of the Yale String Quartet, one of the greatest ever…

  • Zalman says:

    He also taught Matthew Goeke, a fine free-lance cellist in New York, for whom Parisot was added to the Manhattan School of Music faculty, which is a much greater position than teaching at Yale.

    • carlos2bass says:

      “Parisot was added to the Manhattan School of Music faculty, which is a much greater position than teaching at Yale”. Completly disagree, Yale is a graduate music school of about 200 students (sort of like Curtis), it probably has the bigest endowment and all their students get full tuition scolarship. As far as I remember mr. Parisot also teached at Julliard one day a week for the last 20 years but he was full time devoted to Yale, including his Yale Cello ensamble.

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