Two unmissable online relays, live and free today

Two unmissable online relays, live and free today


norman lebrecht

July 06, 2018

1 Parsifal in Munich

Click here Sunday 1700 Munich time (4pm London, 11am New York)


2 Anita Lasker-Wallfisch at Wigmore Hall

Holocaust survivor and cellist Anita Lasker-Wallfisch to speak at a specially-programmed concert at Wigmore Hall following her recent address to the Bundestag in Berlin.

Click here Sunday 1500 London time (10am New York).



  • Cynical Bystander says:

    Is it permissable to boo at the Parsifal from the comfort of your armchair?

  • The View from America says:

    I’ll take the second event over the first one any day …

  • barry guerrero says:

    Flower Maidens from hell!

  • Maans Oosthuizen says:

    And what about the music? Why do people always criticize the visuals and say nothing about the music? Good or bad