Three women composers you’ve never heard of

A new essay by Tom Moore in the Kapralova Journal.


You’ve heard of Kapralova, right?

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  • Surprising that she won so easily with a service action as illustrated…..or maybe it’s a lob; obviously a speciality: “kapraloba!”

  • I do wish SD would stop telling me what I know and what I don’t know. A few days ago it was the St. John passion attributed to Handel. SD would know much more about all such matters if SD read more in the field of Musicology.

  • Kapralova was a really wonderful and important composer, and we’re very excited to be performing her Partita for Piano and Strings twice in 2019 with the wonderful Noriko Ogawa. 3rd March in Hereford Shirehall and 28 April in Kings Place London. Hear the music and don’t let her just be another name. Tickets go on sale pretty soon.

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