The new Bog-standard at Vienna Opera

The new Bog-standard at Vienna Opera


norman lebrecht

July 09, 2018

Bogdan Roscic, incoming director of the Vienna State Opera and a man of no prior opera experience, has inserted another high-paid job into the stressed-out budget.

Bog, presently head of Sony Classical, has hired Robert Körner from Lyon Opera to be his casting director.

He previously appointed Sergio Morabito of Oper Stuttgart as chief dramaturg.

Neither of these positions existed before.

What will be left for the director to do?

Play goalkeeper, maybe.






  • Insider says:

    I’m sorry, but this time you are completely wrong.
    Robert Körner is replacing Stephanie Wippel, who holds the job currently. The title might be different, but it is still a straight replacement. You are also wrong about the “high paying job”. I know of at least two high profile people who said no to the offer to be the VSO Casting Director, exactly because it did not meet their financial standard.

  • Kundry says:

    “No experience in opera” is a Viennese recipe for future developments off stage to become a lot more dramatic than the ones on stage. We already have Gelb.

  • Petros Linardos says:

    So until now who was in charge of casting at the Vienna State Opera?

  • Alex Gust says:

    Of course, casting was done by Holender and Meyer. Wippel acted like a secretary responsible for contracts, nothing more…

    • Insider says:

      In fact, nothing is going to change. Roscic is very hand on.

      • Sanity says:

        And Sabine Hödl?

        • George says:

          @ Alex Gust: That‘s not true. Wippel was responsible for guest artists. She negotiates with all agencies/managers etc. and then chooses and suggests the singers to Meyer, who makes the final decision. She was strongly involved in the casting, is a judge at several competitions and a vital part of the company. Körner is now taking over her job.
          @ Sanity: Sabine Hödl is Betriebsdirektorin and thus responsible for the Ensemble and the daily business. She also is an important part and long standing member of the company.

  • Selim says:

    Koerner has been casting for Opéra Lyon during many seasons, good choice for Wiener Staatsoper!

  • Jonathan Sutherland says:

    Serbian goalkeepers don’t have a great track record but Körner is a smart choice.

  • Vienna calling says:

    You never mentioned how many jobs Meyer created. The ensemble is bigger than ever (that’s bigger in numbers, the dozens of light sopranos who sing the same rep are all petite).

  • Kathleen Battle says:

    Make fun but he was a good label chief..Guess what? Sony will suffer without him- who will run it? Barista Mark Cavell? Good luck!