Star Philharmonic disappears

Star Philharmonic disappears


norman lebrecht

July 04, 2018

Message from the flute soloist Jasmine Choi:

Had a wonderful time in the last couple of days in Singapore. The concerts with Star Philharmonic in both Singapore and Taiwan this week are unfortunately cancelled due to the liquidation of the orchestra on immediate effect. Not knowing beforehand, they hired too many foreign musicians in the orchestra (out of international auditions), which was apparently against Singaporean law. This was a very saddening news to all of us who already had several amazing rehearsals and of course to all the ticket holders to the concerts.

The orchestra’s website and social media sites have been taken down


  • Black hole says:

    Much more to this, lots of things happening under the covers with the conductor, Joey Mendelssohn chian and his partner, Patrick Samulde John.

    It is not that simple

  • Robert Holm√©n says:

    I’ll note that it doesn’t seem to be a problem that the Singapore national soccer team appears to be only about half composed of actual Singaporeans. ūüėÄ

    • Max Grimm says:

      Appearances can be deceiving (especially if you try to judge nationality/place of birth by a person’s name or looks).
      Regarding Singapore’s current national soccer team lineup, all but one of the players are native (or what you call “actual”) Singaporeans.
      The only player who isn’t a Singaporean by birth was born in Thailand, to a Thai mother and British father, but moved to Singapore at age 5 and at this point has held Singaporean citizenship for 9 years.

  • John Borstlap says:

    The picture shows a truly serious architectural accident. (Result of a tsunami?)

  • Music Inspector says:

    This is strange and extremely fishy. So the government and police are involved? Forced liquidation would be by the government/public prosecutors, no? Who was paying or funding this concert in the first place?

  • Just a passer by says:

    This report is outdated and no longer accurate. The soloist and the rest of the musicians were told one story but it seems the real story is completely different. The company was not liquidated at all.

  • Sad Reader says:

    To date, many of the musicians just received an email from Joey Mendelssohn Chian himself today that he will not pay the musicians as to prevent ‘potential Perversion of Justice’.