Schumann House will be rebuilt to add extra room for Clara

The city Leipzig plans to knock down walls in Robert Schumann’s former home, now a museum, in order to expand exhibition space for his dearly beloved in her bicentennial year, 2019.

The authenticity of the building will be sacrificed on an altar of phoney equality. It’s a ridiculous plan.

Why not build Clara a new museum in her own right? After all, she has a birthplace in Leipzig and she outlived Rob by fully 40 years.


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  • Yes to a Clara museum, no to the “phoney equality” clause. She lived there too, for as long as he did, and was a highly distinguished concert pianist, one of Europe’s finest and most famous. Even if you don’t like her original music as much as her husband’s, that doesn’t mean she is disentitled to equal respect.

  • We visited the charming house last year. It is small compared to the Mendielsohm museum but informative and very pleasant. It’s authenticity is part of its attractiveness. Too bad they will destroy that.

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