Riccardo Muti wins £100k

The Italian conductor, 76, was named winner of Japan’s Praemium Imperiale.

Among this year’s other receipients is the French actor Catherine Deneuve.

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  • Why is there a cash prize going to distinguished individuals with, no doubt, a substantial balance in their Swiss account?

  • I wonder how many struggling arts organizations could have used this money? Or groups doing outreach in the ghetto? I guess Muti can buy another yacht or Tuscan villa now.

    • I remember going to a George Shearing concert years ago. He encouraged us to give, that it goes to a worthy cause, the blind. Then with a big grin on his face, he added “well, one of them, anyway!”

    • He could spend some of it on a swanky near hair style. You know the old joke about Muti- popular in Italy. He’s stuck in the middle of the desert & cries to the heavens ‘Dei Aqua’. God obliges & Muti cups out his hands & runs the proceeds through his fine locks.

    • I don’t know where you heard that but so far, since the establishment of the prize, each of the five Praemium Imperiale laureates have received their own ¥15.000.000 / ~€114.767 / ~£101.468 .
      This year…
      Painting – Pierre Alechinsky
      Sculpture – Fujiko Nakaya
      Architecture – Christian de Portzamparc
      Music – Riccardo Muti
      Film/Theater – Catherine Deneuve

        • Perhaps. What truly is a joke however, is that, on the topic of conductors, we have a thread for Barenboim and Buenos Aires, Muti and his £100.000 prize but nothing about a certain modest, humble and truly great musician celebrating his 91st birthday (depending on your location today/yesterday; July 11th)….Happy Birthday Herbert Blomstedt!

  • For crying out loud. He needs the $$$. Jaap is making much more than that in Dallas and he’s only half as good.

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