National orchestra faces no-confidence strike in cool manager

National orchestra faces no-confidence strike in cool manager


norman lebrecht

July 05, 2018

Musicians of the Belgian National Orchestra have served notice of a strike against their intendant Hans Waege who, they say, has not listened to their concerns.

Waege, a modern-art collector, faced a similar confrontation at his previous job with the Rotterdam Philharmonic.

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  • John Borstlap says:

    No wonder this man got into trouble. The interview is filled to the brim with grave ignorance about art, aesthetics, the relevance of art, etc. etc.

    “I think aesthetics is an essential part of civilization and a need of the human kind to transform from destructive capabilities. It’s also an engine for moral progression. The aesthetic sublimation of strong emotions and adding aesthetics to reality are ways of advancing morally.”

    Nice words, would he think of something like this?

    If there is ever a territory where incompetence, primitivism, cynical nonsense and a complete lack of cultural awareness is rampant, it is the territory of the established ‘modern art world’ – with its crazy collectors. The last thing that can be found there are moral progression and aesthetic sublimation.

    Also this man talks all the time about ‘we’ – implied is: we, the truly savants of modern art. ‘We’ don’t like Renaissance furniture, as ‘we’ don’t like pre-impressionist landscapes. All these signals reveal the usual completely empty world of self-appointed advocates of ‘modernity’, people who take Pollock seriously and talk about P’s ‘structure’- the man who dripped blobs on canvasses lying on the floor. Such collectors share, with the army of ‘modern art experts’, a deep contempt for all culture of before modernism, i.e. for the couple of thousands of years of the greatest achievements of the human mind and heart. Why? Because they have not the faintest clue what all of those thousends of years were about.

    And they let such a person loose on symphony orchestras? The players of the NOB appear to have a good sense of culture.