Maestro Move Day: The Met’s concertmaster gets a new orchestra

Maestro Move Day: The Met’s concertmaster gets a new orchestra


norman lebrecht

July 02, 2018

Following market activity in Zurich, Dallas, Washington, Liverpool and London, we’re happy to report that the Metropolitan Opera concertmaster David Chan is to be music director of a New York chamber orchestra, the Camerata Notturna.

We’re especially pleased to make the announcement since David apparently met the Notturna musicians through a message exchange on Slipped Disc.

Next, we’ll be offering dating services…




  • boringfileclerk says:

    Providing a dating service is actually a great idea. It is a good way for people in the industry, or those thing to break into it, to be introduced to each other. This in turn yields to some inside info on soon to be late breaking news and gossip. It’s a win/win for all! Also, I really do need a date for this Friday night….

  • REGERFAN says:

    matchmaker matchmaker make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch…

  • buxtehude says:

    You are inviting NL to play pander, are you not? Formerly he might have hidden behind the claim that Slipped is a “platform” when the furore erupts, now though not so much. This is a minefield.

    But if it’s such a great idea, why not start it yourself? “DippedWix,” there’s a name for ya.

    (as in extinguishing the candles, if you need to ask, tasteful)

    Keep it klean.

  • AMetFan says:

    Lucky orchestra…David is a splendid person and musician.

  • Paul says:

    It is always funny to see how a conductor attempts to position the baton prominently in his profile photo, and holding it this way is a particularly new take on that. Perhaps SlippedDisc could run a story on top 10 photos of conductors making sure to fit the baton into their head shots 🙂

  • Pamela Brown says:

    So nice to see a happy thread here…

  • Old Man in the Midwest says:

    And in other news LeBron signed with the LA Lakers.

  • anon says:

    Dating service? I wouldn’t even be able to imagine the misshapen progeny spawned of the union some of the contributors of this site…

    Perish the thought.

  • Truth says:

    everyone who writes comments on this blog needs a date friday night

  • Me! says:

    Wouldn’t concertmaster at met opera be considered a high post, and same for chamber group much less so?? I’ve remained curious how experience of those men who worked well under Levine translated post Levine (not sure Chan’s history)