Just in: Decca signs its first Hasidic star

Decca Gold, the US wing of Universal Classics, has signed a Hasidic singer in a kosher restaurant in Boro Park.

Shulem Lemmer, 28, will release his first track later this month, followed by an album with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Believe it.

No, not that one. *This* is the Decca single:

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  • Beautiful voice. It is interesting that he is also a special education therapist. I hear a sense of tikkun olam in his musical expression.

    • Tikkun olam is a Reform concept that has no basis in traditional Judaism (the phrase itself appears in the Aleynu prayer, but it refers to prayer and religious observance, not to any sort of social activism)

    • The entire sect of Chasidim are motivated by the coming of the Messiah…..and more, better left unsaid. Shulem Lemmer has a God given gift which he has nourished in this world, but his roots are in the great cantors of a now gone, but not forgotten Eastern Europe. Personally, the revival gives me goosebumps and goes straight to my soul because they are my roots too.But I wonder if the garb is more of a costume than deference to the Almighty. Those hats, by the way “Shtrammel” are very precious and expensive items. One thing I bet the farm on is that he will never appear on an opera stage because of his religious beliefs.

      • They are not wearing shtreimels. Shtreimels are fur headgear, they are wearing felt hats. You would never see an openly made video of men singing in shtreimels, because shtreimels are worn only on shabes and holidays, when taping is forbidden. What does it mean “the grab is a costume” – this is their traditional garb.

        • “You would never see an openly made video of men singing in shtreimels” – correction: except on weddings on weekdays.

        • Please be so kind and spare me your corrections. Put on your eye glasses and check out Chasidim singing in Shtreimmel while being filmed on youtube.. I am adverse to the traditional garb that my grandfather wore in Poland, because it’s the costume of fanatics and no further explanation is needed.

          • So the singer here is a fanatic as well ?
            And I am sure your grandfather (and other ancestors) just rolled over in his grave.
            With Jews like you, who needs anti-Semites …

  • Shulem is an amazing talent with an incredible voice and excellent musicianship. He’s also a catch!

  • Well, he’s a tenor, and Bayreuth is looking for a replacement Lohengrin — seems like a perfect match. Tikkun (olam or otherwise) in so many ways and directions…

  • His brother, Yaakov Lemmer, cantor in New York is the real deal. Top notch. No one to match him around today.

  • Mr. Mark, don’t be such a wise guy and watch out who you insult. Put on a pair of biofocals and take a look at yourself. My ancestors don’t have graves, you putz.

    • Stopped talking nonsense, alte beheima.
      I don’t have to insult you – you are doing a fine job of making yourself look like a moron. Gey strashe di gens !

      • No argument from me. Clearly you are no one to communicate with. Try addressing the fanatic shtramel wearing fanatic Chassidim in Israel who won’t lift a finger to defend Israel, but line up with open hands to fill their stomach and line their pockets,Denial is not only the name of a river. Shulem and his brother are great cantorial artists and deserve admiration and recognition from a public able to possess the musical intelligence to do so. End is story, now you can talk to the wall.

          • “No to laugh, not to lament, not to detest, but to understand.”
            ― Baruch Spinoza, Theological-Political Treatise

    • Your ancestors don’t have graves because they were fanatics. If they were nice, reasonable Jews like yourself maybe nobody would have bothered them.

      Gey kakn, fashtinkene amalekeshe klafte

      • I doubt you are even a Jew, because no Jew would ever say something so hateful and thoughtless to another Jew, particularly with regard to the Holocaust. If you are religious, it is entirely wasted on you because you haven’t learned the most basic and most important principles of it. You are an embarrassment to the People.

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