Just in: Bayreuth’s new Lohengrin is Piotr Beczala

Just in: Bayreuth’s new Lohengrin is Piotr Beczala


norman lebrecht

July 04, 2018

Just as we predicted.

He’s the only big name left standing at short notice.

And the first Pole to sing a title role at the unreformed Wagner festival.

He knows the work, having made his Lohengrin debut in May 2016 at Dresden, opposite Anna Netrebko (who turned down Bayreuth).

Unlike the defecting Roberto Alagna, he is fluent in German and works well with the conductor Christian Thielemann.

UPDATE: Beczala – How Bayreuth messed me around



  • Pedro says:

    Now Bayreuth has a great cast!

  • Caravaggio says:

    Excellent choice. Yes, at least he knows German, unlike the illiterates Alagna and Netrebko.

  • mr oakmountain says:

    Could I have a Pound every time you write “illiterates” and “fraudulent”?
    I need money for my Bayreuth tickets.
    PS: And maybe 50p every time you write “Franz Völker”?

    • mr oakmountain says:

      Sorry, that was meant as a reply to Caravaggio.

    • Sixtus says:

      You’d get more from NL if the conditions were ‘Rattle, new concert hall’ or, for even more funds, ‘Peter Gelb, new Met board’.

  • Player says:

    OK, Norm, you got me… What the devil does “at the unreformed Wagner festival” mean?

  • Josh Thomas says:

    It was just announced that he pulled out? I’m confused.

  • Paul Capon says:

    The only Wagner opera Alagna should be doing is Taunhauser in the original French Paris version. I believe Jose Cura recently sung it in Monte Carlo and it went well for him.