Joachim contest opts for more German students

Joachim contest opts for more German students


norman lebrecht

July 16, 2018

The 39 contestants in the October 2018 International Joseph Joachim Violin Competition Hanover. More than one third of those selected are presently studying in Germany. (That ought to reduce the travel bills.)

Here’s the list:

Austin Berman (m) | American

Lara Boschkor (f) | German

Lorenz Chen (m) | German

Jung Min Choi (f) | South Korean

Timothy Chooi (m) | Canadian

Anna Agafia Egholm (f) | Danish

Leonard Fu (m) | German

Rennosuke Fukuda (m) | Japanese

Yuichiro Fukuda (m) | Japanese

Marie-Astrid Hulot (f) | French

Mayumi Kanagawa (f) | American

Haram Kim (m) | South Korean

Issei Kurihara (m) | Japanese

Anna Lee (f) | American

Miyeon Lee (f) | South Korean

William Lee (m) | Taiwanese

Youjin Lee (f) | South Korean

Alexandra Lomeiko (f) | New Zealander

Mathilde Milwidsky (f) | British

Yasuka Morizono (f) | Japanese

Yukari Ohno (f) | Japanese

Seiji Okamoto (m) | Japanese

Rachel Ostler (f) | American

Jinsu Park (m) | South Korean

Kyumin Park (m) | South Korean

Xiaoxuan Shi (f) | Chinese

Ji Won Song (f) | South Korean

Cosima Soulez Lariviere (f) | French

Olga Sroubkova (f) | Czech

Christa-Maria Stangorra (f) | German

Naoko Tajima (f) | Japanese

Alexandra Tirsu (f) | Romanian

Dmytro Udovychenko (m) | Ukrainian

Eimi Wakui (f) | Japanese<

Jinyu Wang (m) | Chinese

Roxana Wisniewska Zabek (f) | Spanish

Victoria Wong (f) | Australian

Minami  Yoshida (f) | Japanese

Stephanie Zyzak (f) | American


  • Nick2 says:

    And virtually half are from Asia!

  • Terence says:

    South Korea and Japan are countries others could learn from for music education.

    What are they doing right and what could we use?

  • Carmen says:

    Spain will be rooting for Roxana Wisniewska Zabek, who just last month graduated from Madrid’s prestigious and highly competitive Escuela Superior de Musica Reina Sofia!

    Roxana is Spanish by birth and is the daughter of 2 of Spain’s most outstanding orchestral violinists, who are Polish. Her training has been almost exclusively in Spain.

    Here’s Roxana in action!