How’s Casals’ cello sounding these days?

Amit Peled has just recorded Volume 1 of the Bach suites on the same Gofriller that Pablo Casals took into studio in 1936.

Spot the difference?

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  • Good to find this. Is the recording out? There are of course many fine renditions of these suites but Casals’ retains a certain patina and humanity that are unerasable and unforgettable after all the decades gone by. And Casals not only “discovered” the scores but recorded them first.

  • Matt Haimowitz plays a beautiful 1710 Goffriller that I have had the pleasure of hearing several times at distances of no more than twenty feet. It has a wonderful tone — as fine as any, I think.

    • Helps when you’re Matt H! Both he and Peled are amazing musicians and genuinely nice people- I’ve heard both in an intimate hall and you’re right.-gorgeous color.

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