Green shoots: LA Phil renews Dude’s flak

Green shoots: LA Phil renews Dude’s flak


norman lebrecht

July 24, 2018

The young Chilean musician Paolo Bortolameolli will continue as assistant conductor of the LA Phil next season.

He will serve as cover conductor for Gustavo Dudamel and guest conductors throughout the orchestra’s subscription season and on tour. This will be Bortolameolli’s third season with the LA Phil.


  • msc says:

    I think you mean “flack,” not “flak” (which seems to used exclusively of anti-aircraft fire specifically and criticism in general). But Oxford and Merriam-Webster restrict “flack” to “public relations person” or such. I think you must mean “flunky” or such, which seems insulting for an assistant conductor. I might be wrong, though….

  • Larry says:

    Norman has used the word many times and those of us on this side of “the pond” always chastise him!!

  • V.Lind says:

    I also wondered why the retention of a PR assistant rated SD coverage. This is a misusage plain and simple. But some people simply will not be told.

    It is unnecessarily insulting to the young musician, to say nothing of Dudamel, who is treated around here as if he were someone who shoots up restaurants full of people. A little perspective, please.

    • Rgiarola says:

      Criticism isn’t lack of respect, specially concerned public people. It is like it in any language. Dudamel is harversting the things he sowed with all that extreme hype. The messiah and other bullocks since 2000 something…