French tragedy: Choreographer is killed in summer pile-up

The dancer and choreographer Ophélie Longuet has died after a heavy-vehicle crash on the A7 near Avignon.

Ophélie was 41.

Two other people died, one of them a pregnant woman.

Ophélie’s partner, Konstantin Noroslov, was injured.

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  • Heartbreaking….. one wonders, why driving cars at all, is it worth it?

    When you think about it, it is a strange fact of modern times that a regularity of thousands of deaths on the roads are accepted as a normal side effect of mobility, but drowning fugitives provoke great indignation and political fall-outs. Strict rules and controls reign over our food to avoid poisoning, so that eating does not immediately put your life at risk, but fast transportation which is far more risky, is surrendered to voluntary and unthinkingly.

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      The tide is turning in a small way.
      Widespread pavement widening, and bike highways in London. It’s always met with yelps of consternation in some quarters hence the slow progress.

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