Chicago gets new concert space

Chicago gets new concert space


norman lebrecht

July 30, 2018

Message received:

Opening on October 23rd, 2018, Guarneri Hall NFP is planned as a not-for-profit classical music incubator in Chicago that will present events in a new, acoustically engineered and technologically advanced 85-seat performance space on the third floor at 11 East Adams in the Chicago loop. The live stream of events will be accessible on

Guarneri Hall Not for Profit presents live classical music performances in Guarneri Hall and elsewhere in the city of Chicago and sponsors music education programs in the Chicago community, with a special focus on reaching young people with limited access to classical music.

Guarneri Hall NFP aims to be a leader in the field of music education, providing advanced teacher training for professional ensembles, soloists, music educators, and students, as well as curriculum support for classroom teachers through teacher training initiatives that promote best practices. Guarneri Hall NFP also makes educational resources such as print material and tutorial videos available online to the Chicago community and beyond.



  • Robert Holmén says:

    85 seats!

  • Caravaggio says:

    “Incubator” should give anyone pause. No different from “experimental car garage workshop” or whathaveyou.

    • Old Man in the Midwest says:

      Don’t be so negative.

      Similar to the driverless car, they are trying to develop the musicianless concert so that one can attend a concert with no musician actually performing.

    • Bill says:

      Don’t be an idiot. I know it is hard, but do try.

      The goal is to provide a fine performance space at an affordable price to a variety of chamber music groups, both traditional and not, with an umbrella of services that most of those groups would be unable to provide. It’s a great idea, and I hope it succeeds.

  • Ben R says:

    Fantastic news! The music world needs more platforms like this!