Airline refused to board this orchestra’s instruments, so….

Airline refused to board this orchestra’s instruments, so….


norman lebrecht

July 10, 2018

…. the musicians checked in empty cases, but carried their naked violins on board. And started playing

The airline is Aeroflot, the airport Riga.

The orchestra is Камерный музыкальный театр им. Б.А. Покровского.




  • El Grillo says:

    I thought there’d be something about this since when whoever that is given that he’s been stalking someone who consequently is supposed to arrive on stage and do whatever he was resumed to, WHY the lilliputians think he’s worried about being fired, stick a hose up his bum, and once again we have the romantic period waiting in the luggage area, which is released on stage.

    I’m glad to see we have variation.

  • Also Davis says:

    That is computer-generated drivel, or a google translation? Let’s have a contest to figure out what the original was meant to say.

  • Pianist says:

    Actually all the good wills and clearly written this particular airline rules (adjusted recently towards musicians) are beaten by rude and uneducated check-in agent. Lol, facepalm, whatever…

  • says:

    You are involuntarily denied boarding if your air carrier refuses to allow you board your flight even though you pose no health, safety or security risk to the air carrier and you arrived at the airport with; a confirmed reservation; the travel documentation required to complete your journey; sufficient time to complete check-in, security and boarding procedures. Where involuntary denied boarding occurs, your air carrier must offer you the choice between; re-routing as soon as possible; re-routing at a later date at your convenience; and a refund of the full cost of the unused flight ticket.