A bass-baritone withdraws his apology for sexual assault

A bass-baritone withdraws his apology for sexual assault


norman lebrecht

July 22, 2018

This is a tale of our times, brilliantly told by Basil Considine in the Twin Cities Arts Reader. It begins:

One night in July, wigmaster Jolie O’Dell turned out the lights and went to bed. She awoke, she says, to find herself being groped by her house guest, a bass-baritone opera singer named Matthew Stump. Stump masturbated as he fondled her; amidst the angry yelling that followed, he refused to leave the building. Finally, O’Dell grabbed his phone and threw it out the front door. Stump ran outside to retrieve the phone and O’Dell locked the door behind him….

What happened next? Read Basil’s story here.

But there’s more. Jolie has just posted this:

Matthew Stump, after making a public apology, has now deleted that apology and is messaging anyone in the opera world to deny this apology. Here’s the police report. I agreed to drop charges in exchange for the public apology. I can post text exchanges with him where he admits to all the things in the apology and police report, as well.


Matt and I went back and forth for days trying to come to an acceptable solution that would give me a sense of justice without putting me through court proceedings or interfering with his career. After arguing over wording, this statement made us both feel pretty OK. He only deleted it when he realized that people were reading it. He wanted to make a public apology that wouldn’t be seen by anyone he knew. He is not being extorted. This was an agreement we both reached after he committed a crime and I was left hurting and depressed.



  • Olassus says:

    How wonderful that nobody has commented on this icky tale in 24 hours. Slipped Disc readers do have standards.

    • Stephen says:

      Well, what’s your comment then?

    • Kerriann Otano says:

      I have no idea what point you’re trying to make about readers having standards, but it is certainly not *THE POINT.*

      He has assaulted at least 5 women.
      Get on the right side of this.

  • Sharon Beth Long says:

    When I was a caseworker in child support enforcement I heard all the time women say that they did not want to burden their exes even though their children were in want. This attitude left men feeling that paying child support was optional.

    Odell has an obligation to prevent this from happening to others, especially younger women who could be his students or touring with him. Guys with his morality believe that anything is o.k. as long as they can get away with it. That’s why he took down the apology.

    When I was in child support enforcement smart women said, “If he’s not going to support his kids why should he be working?” if there was a chance that an legal enforcement action would compromise his job.

    Likewise, if the story is as described, Odell barely managed to escape a violent assault rape. This guy deserves no sympathy and opera singing is very competitive. Prosecute this guy and give his job to someone who is safe to have around women!