Where’s Gergiev? In the desert

President Putin’s pet conductor is missing the early stages of the World Cup.

He has been sent with the Mariinsky orchestra to Saudi Arabia to open the King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture in Dhahran, paving the way for a visit by the Bolshoi Ballet.

Putin, meanwhile, was hosting the Saudi Crown Prince as a 5-0 football drubbing.

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  • They spent just one night in Saudi Arabia. He has the White Nights concerts to oversee in St. Petersburg and is quoted as saying he hopes to attend 3 or 4 matches. By the way the newly built concert hall in Saudi looks wonderful.

  • Gergiev led the opening concert of the World Cup on Red Square attended by Putin. Not sure where you were or were not looking.

  • Well he’s a Putin pimp! Does Vlads bidding . Recall 2 years ago preform in a part of syria still standing in behalf of Butcher Assad regime!

      • Never try to argue the US sheep with their ‚rational‘. They are decades deep into a propaganda induced loss of reality.
        Just look at the regime they have elected currently. And they still try to tell the world what‘s right and wrong. Hilarious.

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