What Romania paid Gheorghiu for a single concert

What Romania paid Gheorghiu for a single concert


norman lebrecht

June 14, 2018

A statement from the Mayor of Bucharest:

On 15 September 2017, when celebrating the Bucharest’s Days, the soprano Angela Gheorghiu sang in Constitution Square of our capital city. The fee paid by the Bucharest City Hall was 144.906 EUR, VAT included

The statement is politically motivated. Read here.


  • Jean says:

    A rich country 🙂

  • Tamino says:

    And fully memorized, performing without sheet music, like in a proper gala performance, the fee is twice as high.
    Smart money saving deal by the city hall, getting her cheaper that way.

  • Mike Schachter says:

    Thankfully untainted by greed.

  • JoBe says:

    Here is the background to this fracas. The worst person in this story (and also the biggest diva, just look at her photos on Google Images) appears to be the mayor, Mrs. Gabriela Firea: http://www.tampabay.com/romanian-drama-the-mayor-the-soprano-and-the-champion-ap_world72b59525ff9f4f27a6d51b2409182175
    Poor Simona Halep, in what company have you been put!

  • Webster Young says:

    Not only the economics, but the system of discovery, the system of patronage, and the relation of amateurism to professionalism, could be better balanced in the classical music world.

  • BRIGE says:

    The concert mentioned was porformed in Constitution Square, the landmark of Bucharest, for more than ten thousand spectators, and was broadcast nationwide through TVR1 and TVR HD, and the payment which was negotiated by the municipal agency, was not distinctly above average.
    And the whole story was about dearest Mrs Mayor, but not about Gheorghiu

  • esfir ross says:

    What a true “patriot”!

  • Non abbiamo soprano says:

    What a complete waste of money!!! And, even worse, tax payer money! This totally overrated singer isn’t worth a tenth of this value…

    • FRANCIS says:

      Yes, she is overrated. But is she much more overrated than Netrebko, or other divas nowadays like Yoncheva or Opolais? They are all paid more. Haters are just haters

    • FRANCIS says:

      Haters are just haters:)

    • Kundi says:

      You are literally ridiculous. Since you think it a waste of money, but the Romanian spectators, the tax payers, don’t stand on you.
      Ms Gheorghiu has brought the opera world a nice Traviata, a dozen of Mimi, some impressive Adriana and Rondine, and hundreds of thousands of opera lovers during her 28-year international career, and you are talking about she is totally overrated, and a ten-thousand-audience concert (and broadcast live all over the country through the national tv) isn’t worth a tenth of the payment?

    • Non abbiamo soprano says:

      No, none of these things make her worthy of that money. Period! That is my opinion, and it is final. Am I allowed to have an opinion? I thought I was! This hysterical and egomaniac singer doesn’t even get close to sopranos like Netrebko (who is overrated too, but much, much less!) and Yoncheva. Not even close! And finally, if the amount of people in a free concert is your measure of quality, then I assume you consider AndrĂ© Rieu the best classical musician that has ever lived. Congratulations!

      • FRANCIS says:

        You are right! This totally overrated singer doesn’t even get close to sopranos like Netrebko, since the hysterical Gheorghiu could make the words clearly and maintain the fine breath control, and could convey what should be to the audience in her better days. And the most important thing is, the egomaniac Gheorghiu could ensure the basic standard of art in her 20s, 30s or early 40s, but the much less overrated Netrebko couldn’t. Go listen to Neb’s recent Adriana or Tosca, could you find out any diva who could be more unversed than her? I always remember the Netrebko’s clownish monologue in the final of Act III of Adriana Lecouvreur last november, amateurish and received many boos.

  • esfir ross says:

    150000 euros can pay for an year to orchestra in Rumania.