Thousands watched Rattle in the Berlin rain rather than Germany in World Cup

From a Reuters report of Rattle’s long farewell to the Berlin Philharmonic:

On Saturday, thousands of people had braved driving rain to attend a full dress rehearsal, instead of watching the German team play in the World Cup.

From Deutsche Welle:

The playbill at Berlin’s Waldbühne  featured works by George Gershwin, Gabriel Faure and Aram Khachaturian, and Rattle’s wife, mezzo-soprano Magdalena Kozena, also performed as a soloist. 

Many musicians wore wigs in tribute to the conductor’s trademark curly white hair.

“See you very soon,” the conductor promised, as “Sir Simon” will not disappear completely from Berlin. Rattle plans to remain a resident of the German capital and to lead orchestral and opera performances there.

photo: Reuters/Tantussi


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  • “Many musicians wore wigs in tribute to the conductor’s trademark curly white hair”

    And if the Van magazine article is to be believed, those who don’t like him wore his trademark grimace and open mouth.

    • But why would those who dislike Rattle bother to attend the concert in the first place?
      I could more easily imagine a group who at least accept him musically but dislike his facial expressions.

      • The claim is that not all the musicians admire him. I imagine they had to “turn-up” since their job is to play in the orchestra.

    • Goodness, you really are on a vituperative high today. As Norman Lebrecht said in another article in SD, do go and consult a doctor. It will make you feel more at peace with the world.

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