Russians develop robot composer

The state-controlled Ria-Novosti agency reports a breakthrough in ‘human-level music’:

Experts from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI’s Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems are currently developing brand new software, a virtual composer assistant, which will be able to analyze the emotional state of composers and follow their logic…

Virtual composer assistant is software that can create human-level music of high aesthetic quality on its own. It is a creative smart assistant that can add to a melody written by the composer its own notes, chords and combinations, employees of the MEPhI’s Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems told RIA Novosti.

In order to achieve this goal, researchers had to analyze the theory of music (identify musical sounds, chords, their combinations), create semantic maps based on this analysis and connect them to models of humans’ emotional perception of music.

A Tchaikovsky with byte? A threat to the West?

Read on here.


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  • Choosing appropriate chords to go with melody is hardly an Earth-shattering feat. The logic is rather simple.

  • We already have Artificial Intelligence, i.e. intelligence that is not real intelligence, and people suffering from this infliction seem now to have produced Artificial Art, i.e. not real art.

    More worrying is that such people appear to think that the composer’s emotional condition can be understood by a computer program. Another example of AI.

    Composing, i.e. real writing of good music, has become so rare and so mysterious (‘how the heck did they do it in former times??!’) that puzzled people with compositional ambitions but suffering from flawed algorithms, hope that the idol of our time: the Computer with a capital A, will solve the problem.

  • The robot composer should then compose a set of 12 etudes for the robot pianist. Not sure who the audience should be at the premiere.

    • O maybe yes. Here’s an opera plot for you — Stalin Against Hal, Struggle of the Titans. You can add to program notes the assurance that “No women are harmed in the development of this plot.”

  • Sputniknews, of course. Russian scientist also have cured cancer, developed invisible tanks, planes, rockets, bombs and bridges(! )… you name it. And this composerbot is not even invisible? 😀

    Yadda yadda yadda.

    I so do not want to link to the other articles on sputnik. It’s bad enough as it is. #sad

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