Maestro stays: Four more years for Zhang

The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra has extended Xian Zhang’s term as music director to the middle of 2024, it is announced today.

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  • I have been an avid subscriber of Slipped Disk for about ten years. I would very much like to be in touch with Mr Lebrecht and would like his personal email address please to discuss something about vinyl records that I believe him to be the only person who could probably assist me.

    • For all it’s undoubted virtues, and nostalgia value, vinyl occupies excessive physical space, and this is out of keeping with the current trend of minimalist living.

      The same applies to sheet music. Yuja Wang played her selection of Ligeti Etudes from an IPad at her extraordinary recital at the Barbican last week. This allowed her to dispense with a page turner.

      • If this were true, why do the top-end stereo equipment stores in London (systems starting at GBP 20K) carry mostly vinyl players?

        • I hazard a guess that those who can afford such things are living in large apartments which can accommodate vinyl collections? There’s a resurgence of interest in Vinyl for sure, but it’s not the way forward for the everyday person.

  • Congratulations to Xian Zhang! I had the best intention of attending her concert with the NJSO and my favorite female pianist, but nothing came out. Still very regretful about that, but hopefully there will be an opportunity to hear her one day!

  • Thanks for this info on the NJSO & vinyl.
    Where would be the best place – price & convenience – to sell a relatively large collection of vinyl records in exceptionally good condition?

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