Biz news: Maestro ditches London agency for Japanese

The conductor Tugan Sokhiev has vanished from the AskonasHolt website.

The Bolshoi music director has, we hear, transferred his worldwide management to Kajimoto in Tokyo.

But the Japanese have been too reticent to announce anything yet.

And his own website has not been updated for three years.

Without Slipped Disc, who would ever know?

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  • Really? The ex-president(I don’t know him personally) of Kajimoto was very competent, charismatic and beloved, but since his son succeeded I heard various rumors…(redacted)

      • Mr.Powell, musician and composer? If so, I guess you know the father and his son. My grandfather(Japanese and about 90 years old) worked for Mr.Naoyasu several times. He always calls the father “a great man” and the evaluation against his son is a bit severe ( I think it’s common for elderly men…). Probably my view is affected but I will be careful the next time.

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