London violin dealer stamps its name on Hong Kong festival

London violin dealer stamps its name on Hong Kong festival


norman lebrecht

June 26, 2018

Now here’s a first:


J & A Beare is delighted to announce that with effect from January 2019 it will begin a new long-term collaboration with the Hong Kong International Chamber Music Festival. The partnership will see the name of the Festival change to the “Beare’s Premiere Music Festival”.


  • C. says:

    That is the incorrect photo- expert Charles Beare is no longer part of the firm, he established his own company.

  • Nick2 says:

    I assume this is the Festival directed by Cho-Liang Lin

    • Andrea Fessler says:

      Yes this is Cho-Liang Lin’s Festival in Hong Kong, organized by Premiere Performances.

      • Nah. says:

        Something is unethical here….the festival selling out, including its name, for the use of this company to sell violins. Shame

        • Andrea Fessler says:

          I think that it is very common for sponsors to have naming rights for events if they sign a long term agreement. That is just a business reality and has nothing to do with ethics.

          • Mike Meier says:

            So, is this an artistic partnership or a financial one?
            What does this company bring to the festival? Besides the use of violins for their own benefit and potential sale?