Label news: Sony scoop Decca violinist

Label news: Sony scoop Decca violinist


norman lebrecht

June 18, 2018

The outstanding Greek violinist Leonidas Kavakos has defected from Decca to Sony Classical, it was announced today.

Sony have tempted him with the chance to record the Beethoven concerto in Munich.




  • Robert Roy says:

    Fantastic! One of the greatest violinists playing today.

  • Tommy says:

    Decca is pretty much a disaster as a record label of today. Their back catalog is great but… they don’t seem to have a management with ideas anymore. You at Decca need to step up the business!!

    Right now DGG and Sony among “major” labels are outclassing them. Well – I’m not sure I can define or understand what a major label really is today.

  • boringfileclerk says:


  • msc says:

    Are we to presume that he will playing and conducting the Beethoven, based on his coming performance with the BRSO? I’d rather Jansons were on the podium.

  • So, no Bach Sonatas and Partitas? They were supposed to be recorded by Kavakos and released by DECCA. Let’s see if Sony will give him the chance.

    • J. says:

      Really? Sad news, then. Both labels are bad at recording. Not enough releases, I’m afraid. See how few Christian Gerhaher albums Sony releases (I’m waiting for a second Winterreise by him for years, the first was released many years ago, far away from his peak…). Same with Decca: look at the few Uchida recordings. I hope she releases something this year, apart from the Mozart Concertos with Cleveland.

      • erich says:

        Nonsense! What counts is quality, not quantity. The artist should only record when the work has ‘cooked’ rather than to satisfy a conveyor belt mentality. The market cannot stand a flood of product.

        • J. says:

          You can have the best of both worlds. Hyperion usually releases one album a year from each one of it’s major artists – Isserlis, Hough, Osborne, Ibragimova, Takács etc. harmonia mundi too. And I don’t they’re satisfying “a conveyor belt mentality”. But I won’t discuss that with you.

  • Petros Linardos says:

    If we believe other news reports, Kavakos will be playing and conducting the BRSO in the forthcoming Sony Beethoven. And Bach Sonatas and Partitas should be coming up.

    ‘It is very exciting to be returning to Sony Classical for some of the most important and challenging violin repertoire,’ said Kavakos. ‘After recording music by Mozart, Mendelssohn and Brahms, I turn to Beethoven’s glorious Violin Concerto and Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas.


  • muslit says:

    the great violinists of today all sound the same. the outfit or hair style makes the difference. this one should get a hair cut.