Just in: Ex-LSO chorus director admits abuse of nine year-old boy

Just in: Ex-LSO chorus director admits abuse of nine year-old boy


norman lebrecht

June 13, 2018

The chorus master Joseph Cullen, jailed in 2015 for offences against two young boys, yesterday admitted a further offence in Glasgow against a boy at St Andrew’s Cathedral.

The offence dates back to 1981 and persisted for three years.

Cullen, who was listed on two Grammy awards with the London Symphony Chorus, was Chorus Master of the Huddersfield Choral Society from 1999.

Sentence has been deferred for a month.

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  • 1 of his victims says:

    A despicable manipulative predatory serial paedophile… there will be more of him in news in future. Hopefully he will get maximum sentence. Hopefully he suffers more than his victims have.

    • Another of his Victims says:

      I’m so sorry you were a victim of Joseph Cullen too. He has wrecked so many peoples lives not just the victims but they’re families too. He doesn’t care about his victims …. they were insignificant experiments pieces of excrement at the base of his shoe.
      [redacted: defamation]

      He’ll probably get an ankle tag and community service, so sad for his victims.

      • Alex Davies says:

        I don’t know what the redacted part of the comment said, but it’s unlikely to have been defamatory. Defamation occurs when somebody’s reputation is diminished in the esteem of his peers. Joseph Cullen now has no reputation to lose, meaning that it is extremely improbable that he would make a claim for defamation, let alone succeed in one. A more serious consideration would be whether there are any ongoing investigations that could be compromised.

    • Alex Davies says:

      A very close friend of mine was a student of his. He was not remotely surprised and believes that there is more yet to come out.

  • Another of his victims says:

    Slipped disc redacted the comment. It was about someone close to Cullen knowing about his activities as far back as 1994. I have seen the proof that the person knew about his activities and chose to say and do nothing. It’s all just sick.

    There is more to come for sure but there are doubts that the authorities will do anything about it.

    No matter how others try to portray matters Cullen = paedophile.