Fourth junior baton gets management

This has become a week of green shoots in the podium – two signed to AskonasHolt, one to Primo Artists and now…

Ryan Bancroft, 28, winner of April’s Malko Competition for Young Conductors in Copenhagen, has signed to Intermusica.

LA born, Ryan used to play trumpet in the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

If I were a conductor over 30 I might be worried.


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  • Old Man in the Midwest says:

    Why do these young guys all over conduct?

    Less is more.

    • Observer says:

      So that a younger generation can make sure life goes on after the Old Men In The Midwest (and everywhere else) disappear. It’s a human thing.

      • Max Grimm says:

        The Old Man In The Midwest wanted to know why young conductors tend to “over-conduct” (ie. micromanage/excessive movement/gratuitous gestures etc.), not why [there are] young guys all over [the world who] conduct.

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