Exclusive: Charles Dutoit is back in action

This concert is sold out, we hear. It is the closing concert of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra’s season, this Saturday.


SSO 2017-18 Season Closing Concert Richard Strauss’s Salome (Concert Version)


时间: 2018-06-23 20:00    周六

地点: 复兴中路1380号

场地: 上海交响乐团音乐厅·主厅



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  • ==Richard Strauss’s Salome (Concert Version)

    Frustrating for Mr D that’s the Dot7V is concert only as he likes to…err… look

    • I don’t understand Chinese but I found an article on a Japanese music blog (with 3 pictures of Dutoit). The concert was a huge success, he seemed to be nervous when he appeared on the stage, but once he started it was fabulous and big bravo for him.

  • The scandal has no relation with China, so you should not criticize the choice of the conductor in Chainese Orchestra.

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