Operanostalgia reports the death of the Dutch tenor Hubert Delamboye, after a long sickness, on June 11 in Margraten.

Hubert sang at the Salzburg Festival through the 1990s with Claudio Abbado, adding Tristan to his repertoire in the same decade. He also worked with Nikolaus Harnoncourt, James Levine and Kurt Masur.

A message from the maestro’s agent:

As you know Bernard Haitink tripped and fell after a concert in the Concertgebouw on Friday.  We are very happy to report that, luckily, he sustained only superficial injuries.  Nonetheless, his doctor has advised him to rest for a little longer before recommencing his activities.  Therefore, with sadness. he has withdrawn from his upcoming concerts with the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich next week.  He looks forward very much to his concerts with them in September.

He would like to thank all those friends, colleagues and other well-wishers who have been in touch or left messages after reading about it on this site.  And not least, Kerem Hasan, who picked up the baton in so exemplary a fashion on Sunday afternoon with Bernard’s beloved Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra – as he says, it’s the silver lining to this cloud!


The charities website Third Sector has been doing the diligence on Covent Garden’s accounts for the year ending 27 August 2017, which have just been put online.

Music director Sir Antonio Pappano was paid just £115,000 in salary. However, he earned additional fees of £679,591 for the number of nights he conducted.

Alex Beard, the ROH chief executive, was paid £286,095.

Sally O’Neill, the chief operating officer, earned £189,603.

Neither was asked to conduct.

More detail here.

Next week’s La Scala revival of Deborah Warner’s 2014 Fidelio will be dedicated to the memories of Vittore Veneziani and Erich Kleiber.  It will mark the 80th anniversary of the  1938 Leggi Razziali, the Mussolini racial laws that excluded Jews from public life.

Veneziani was La Scala’s chorus master. He was not allowed back into the building until Toscanini returned in 1946.

Kleiber,  who was due to conduct Fidelio in March 1939 cancelled his engagement in solidarity. His telegram read: I just learned that  the doors of La Scala will be closed to your Jewish fellow citizens. Music is made for everyone, like the sun and air. When this fountain of consolation, so necessary in these hard times, is denied to any human being – and merely because he belongs to a different religion and race – I cannot collaborate either as a Christian and as an artist.


Drew McManus has the latest answers, drawn from 2016 tax returns.

1 Deborah Borda, Los Angeles Philharmonic $1,579,971
2 Mark Volpe, Boston Symphony $831,728
3 Allison Vulgamore, Philadelphia Orchestra $802,840
4 Matthew Van Besien, New York Philharmonic $728,345
5 Deborah Rutter, Chicago Symphony $615,035
6 San Francisco Symphony $590,524
7 Dallas Symphony $500,763
8 Cincinnati Symphony $479,620
9 Seattle Symphony $470,993
10 Houston Symphony $449,472

More detail here.

Oviedo has cancelled invitations to the Netanya Chamber Orchestra and a ballet group.

It is reported that Valencia has done the same.

The last time Spain kicked out Jews was 1492.

‘Dolce e Gabbana!’ she cries.

The Yellow Label, founded by Emile Berliner in 1898, has rolled out plans for a birthday year involving data science, four wheels and an unprecedented Carmina Burana in the Forbidden City.

Google and VW are the main commercial partners for the year’s events. A new relationship with Long Yu and the Shanghai Symphony gives DG access to parts of China other labels cannot reach.

The year kicked off last night in Berlin with a Yellow Lounge in a nightclub featuring DG’s oldest artist – Menahem Pressler, 94 – and its youngest, Daniel Lazakovich, 16, in front of a completely breathless audience.


Yvette Horner, the accordionist whose sound long accompanied the annual cycling marathon, has died at 95.

She recorded more than 300 albums.

Message from Sylvain Hdrl and Matthis Pascaud:


It is with this lapidary phrase, on Saturday evening in front of the hotel Beau-Lac in Neuchatel, with which commenced an unprecedented act of aggression, during which we were beaten up severely, following my friend’s mention of our homosexuality to a group of strangers, who had come there to celebrate a marriage. Two twin brothers had at that moment decided to literally bash us up.

My friend was chased down the street with the words «We are going to make you run, dirty fag!». Thrown to the ground, his bag ripped away, he was beaten up with blows of feet to the body, under the amused looks of the guests, invited to the marriage. When our friends interfered, the two brothers explained : «We are not going to touch you, it’s the fags we want».

I was talking to a friend some few metres away, without ever having crossed eyes with those two guys. I turned my head, astonished, tried to interfere myself and received a punch of incredible force to the back of the head. A bone in my cranium split on the spot, I collapsed onto the ground and lost consciousness. Because I am a « dirty fag ».

Homophobia in 2018 is our faces rubbed into the dirt.
Homophobia in 2018 is two broken teeth and two others grazed by the asphalt.
Homophobia in 2018 is our knees and shoulders swollen.
Homophobia in 2018 is a cranial bone split.
Homophobia in 2018 is whiplash.
Homophobia in 2018 is our hands damaged, when we are both pianists.

We are in 2018 and we had to neverthless confront the same horror as countless homosexuals since the dawn of time.

What is worse than to be punished so violently for something we did not choose? What is more humiliating than to be generalised in this manner? What is worse than the anxiousness and discomfort that remains with us, despite our love of life, spontaneous and joyful?

These two bastards have not traumatized us, have not scared us and they will never succeed.

They have engraved on our bodies their unjust, crass stupidity, but we washed it off.


C’est par cette phrase lapidaire que, samedi soir devant l’Hotel Beaulac Neuchâtel de Neuchâtel, commence une agression durant laquelle nous nous sommes fait rouer de coups après qu’un ami révèle notre homosexualité à un groupe d’inconnus, venus ici pour fêter un mariage. Deux frères jumeaux ont à ce moment décidé de littéralement nous tabasser.

Mon ami s’est fait poursuivre en pleine rue. « On va te faire courir, sale pédé ! ». Jeté au sol, sac arraché, il s’est fait rouer de coups de pied sous le regard amusé de quelques invités du mariage. Quand nos amis s’interposent, les deux frères expliquent « Vous on ne va pas vous taper, c’est les pédés qu’on veut ». Moi, je parlais à une amie à quelques mètres de là, sans avoir jamais croisé le regard de ces deux types. Je tourne la tête, médusé, essaie de m’interposer et reçois un coup de poing d’une violence inouïe, derrière la tête. Un os de mon crâne se fend sur le coup, je m’effondre au sol, je perds connaissance. Parce que je suis un « sale pédé ».

L’homophobie en 2018, ce sont nos visages écrasés au sol.

L’homophobie en 2018, ce sont deux dents cassées et deux autres limées par le bitume.

L’homophobie en 2018, ce sont nos genoux et nos épaules tuméfiés.

L’homophobie en 2018, c’est un os du crâne fendu.

L’homophobie en 2018, c’est une entorse des cervicales.

L’homophobie en 2018, ce sont nos mains abîmées alors que nous sommes tous les deux pianistes.

Nous sommes en 2018 et nous avons pourtant dû affronter la même horreur qu’un nombre incalculable d’homosexuels depuis la Nuit des temps.

Quoi de plus terrible que de sentir sa vie menacée pour quelque chose qu’on n’a pas choisi ? Quoi de plus humiliant que d’être réduit ainsi à un détail de ce que nous sommes ? Quoi de pire que le mal-être qui depuis demeure malgré notre joie de vivre spontanée ?

Ces deux salauds ne nous ont pas traumatisés pour autant, ne nous ont pas rendus peureux et n’y arriveront jamais.

Ils ont gravé sur nos corps leur bêtise crasse, nous nous en sommes vite lavés.

Neal Boyd, who won America’s Got Talent in 2008 with a blast of Puccinian insomnia, has died of organ failure at 42.

His screen fame proved sadly ephemeral.

The American conductor Evan Christ, suspended from duty as Generalmusikdirektor in Cottbus, has taken legal action to prevent his dismissal.

Christ’s leadership style has been the subject of complaints from ensemble members.

The court will hear his case against the Brandenburgische Kulturstiftung Cottbus-Frankfurt (Oder) on July 2.