Wild man of the north grabs new job

The irrepressible Leif Segerstam has been appointed principal guest conductor of Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, in Denmark. Stand by for storms.

Leif, 74, composer of 316 symphonies, is prone to concert outbursts (watch here) and generally to conduct matters in his own inimitable way.

Aarhus, a quiet place, has recovered from financial difficulties under music director Marc Soustrot and chief exec Kristian Rahbek Knudsen, and is now the first orchestra in Denmark with a proper fundraising operation. The fiery Finn will give them profile.


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  • It seems that ‘touching’ was the problem, given his girth, the feminine always remaining out of touch reach.

  • His concert outburst during Scheherazade could have been caused by some consumption of Whisky Korsakov, backstage … !?

  • He conducted a performance of Bruckner 8 (replacing Bychkov) a year or two ago that literally had me gasping…

    Immense – in every sense.

    • Ah yes, that 104 minute one from the Barbican; an absolute revelation, for my money.

      I grabbed a recording off the old iplayer at the time, and it’s my go-to version now…!

  • Not only has Kristian Knudsen turned around the finances of the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, but has already laid the artistic foundations in place to ensure the ensemble becomes one of the leading orchestras in northern Europe.
    They are lucky to have him.

  • the RIMSKY is not an out burst…some of the string players join in the shouting and he clearly is adding this to the orchestration

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