This year’s opera supersub is….

This year’s opera supersub is….


norman lebrecht

May 30, 2018

… Jennifer Rowley.

She jumped in as Tosca for Netrebko at the Met and for Yoncheva in Philadephia.

Now she’s making an unscheduled Paris debut as Leonora in Trovatore, opposite Yusif Eyvazov and Roberto Alagna.

She replaces Elena Stikhina who ‘has withdrawn from all future productions,’ according to the Paris Opéra.

Actually, it’s more complicated. Read here.


  • Alexander says:

    Mr. Macron has already been delighted with the voice of Elina Stikhina in a wonderful Catherine (the Great) Palace in St. Petersbourg , so it’s time for her to take a time-out – beg my pardons for pun 😉
    Hopefully Paris Opera will be delighted with her singing too ( a couple or three productions are scheduled with the Prodigy in the future).
    as for Ms. Rowley , I wish her success in Paris and all the best 😉
    P.S. specially for Mr. Monster – Elina has successfully sung Senta in Baden-Baden recently. They say it was her triumph 😉