The Met has a new principal bassoon

The Sarasota Orchestra’s Evan Epifanio has won the audition for principal bassoon at the Metropolitan Opera.


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  • Good, they’ll need him. Just in time for them to break off and be a competing symphony orchestra with a nice endowment, while the Met building collapses in a final immolation scene!

  • The bassoon is a prominent member of the orchestral family. An orchestra without bassoons is like a fresh slice of bread without a crispy crust.

      • One could also say: ‘An orchestra without oboes is like a day without a nagging house wife’ or, more friendly: ‘….. is like a vegetarian barbeque’.

  • OH Evan, I’m so excited and proud of you. I feel pretty honored to say I was your classroom music teacher. You will be amazing! Congratulations!!!

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