The man who found jazz in Chopin

Jacks Reilly, who died on Friday in New Jersey, aged 86, was Professor and Head of the Jazz Studies Departments at the New England Conservatory of Music Boston, The New School for Social Research and The Mannes College of Music.

A gret intellectualiser of an organic art form her could find a needle of jazz in a Bruckner haystack.

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  • I’ve heard before that Scriabin is the founder of an atonal music which is the kind of herald for jazz. Any way Scriabin found his inspiration in Chopin first … so , somehow , finding jazz in Chopin is logical 😉 just my opinion of course , especially after listening his ( Chopin) second concerto live 😉

  • Yes, be sure to swing the eighth notes in the Chopin Second concerto, and add syncopation at all cadence points too. Instant jazz! I think I’ll go have some Nescafe.

    . . . be sure to change some of those boring dominant seventh chords to major 7th chords. Add sevenths and ninths on the minor chords too. Can’t miss!

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