Pat Kop plays Kurtag with gloves on

“Hommage à Tschaikovsky” by György Kurtag played with gloves in the wonderful new Lugano concert hall as an encore after Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto…

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  • How would she like it if I did that to her violin?
    And as much as I love Kurtag, this is not one of his best works…

  • I suppose this is an artist with niche appeal. I can’t imagine paying to hear her. Nor do I understand why we are so fixated on Yuja Wang’s clothes but Kop’s unfinished ones get nary a mention.

  • Playing that encore with gloves is easy. I’d like to see her playing the Tchaikovsky concerto with gloves. 

  • What were Kurtag’s people thinking of when they let him publish this puerile ‘work’.
    It diminishes his reputation and the joke wears off after about 6 seconds

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