No-one knows how to pronounce this major composer’s name

No-one knows how to pronounce this major composer’s name


norman lebrecht

May 21, 2018


  • esfir ross says:

    My friend performed AR piano quartet in Israel

  • RW2013 says:

    L’art de varier is brilliant.

  • Irrelohe says:

    A problem unfortunately only too common among some “presenters” on BBC Radio 3, across the whole range of composers…

  • Jean says:

    A wonderful project !

  • John Borstlap says:

    Long overdue, it is beautiful music and well-made. A ‘conservative’ composer in his time, following Haydn’s penchant for unusual directions in the musical narrative:

    Because nobody know it, it is ‘new’ music, written in the past.

  • JoBe says:

    Absolutely the same story as Pleyel! The Austrian and the French pronunciations are completely different, and he himself sometimes wrote his name Pleyl, and sometimes Pleijel, too.

  • Bruce says:

    Arthur Rubinstein wrote in his memoir that he would happily sign his autograph as Arthur, Artur, or Arturo depending on the local language wherever he was at the time. Sounds like Reicha did the same thing.