Munich’s sex pest is dropped from the Beethoven Fest

Munich’s sex pest is dropped from the Beethoven Fest


norman lebrecht

May 24, 2018

Nike Wagner, head of Bonn’s Beethoven Festival, has been obliged to drop the pianist Siegfried Mauser from her programme.

Mauser, 63, has been sentenced in Munich to two years and nine months’ jail for sexual offences as head of the Hochschule.




  • william osborne says:

    And what will another branch of the Wagner family, the ones that run Bayreuth, do about the dismayingly poor m/f ratios in the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra? Only about 5% of the personnell are women. In the winds and percussion the ratio is 66 to 3. The orchestra does not hold audions. Each section simply invites people to become members, so women are rarely included. If we want to eliminate sexual abuse in classical music, we must begin with its foundations in misgoyny.

  • Anon says:

    The orchestral playing remains superb as the productions presided over by the female descendants of RW descend into self parody.

    Let’s hope that at least one part of the festival experience remains worth the effort and that they leave well alone until managers worthy of Cosima and Winifred come along.

  • Sue says:

    Gosh he looks like a certain Weinstein!! They could be brothers. I like “the sex pest” moniker; that will do far more to shut down his behaviour than any legal threats.