Maestro quits: Hard cheese for the Dutch

Maestro quits: Hard cheese for the Dutch


norman lebrecht

May 09, 2018

Marc Albrecht has announced he is stepping down after ten years as music director of Netherlands Opera.

His chief exec, Pierre Audi, is leaving this summer. Albrecht will depart two years later.

They have been an outstanding team.


  • John de Jong says:

    I feel very sorry about this.

    Marc Albrecht is an excellent conductor and – more important – a very fine person. We will miss him at the opera and in the Concertgebouw.

  • Andrey Boreyko says:

    Very sorry about this too.
    Not being able to see Maestro Albrecht at work live I know some of his excellent CD and DVD recordings.
    I did work with the Nederland Philharmonic Orchestra last year, and was very pleased with their wonderful artistic level. 10 years of work were not in vain.
    Wish to Maestro Alberecht great continuation of his already remarkable career.

  • Been Here Before says:

    This has nothing to do with the topic – however, I know that our friend from Netherlands will be looking at this post soon.

    Hey, John, I bet Sally would be more than happy to move into a new place! I am sure you can also get some of B’s manuscripts thrown in with the deal, so you will have new stuff to burn on the New Year’s Eve. Heck, if you buy the place, I will come and give a you a hand!

    • John Borstlap says:

      I would love to buy the place as a summer residence, I discussed it with the family and with Sally but she hates fin-de-siècle architecture and is deeply disappointed that her hero sank so low to want to spend time in such premodern thing.

      As we know, modernist starchitects design their monstruosities for the ‘market’, but they prefer themselves to live in oldfashioned, traditional houses. For comparable reasons, Schoenberg secretly played Strauss walzes on the piano when alone in the house, and Xenakis regularly went to see Tosca disguised with false beard and sun glasses. Boulez had a modernist house when receiving visitors but the fin-de-siècle was his secret hide-out, also musically, but nobody was supposed to know. That is why he never wanted to have a biography written about him, anxious that people would find-out.

      • Been Here Before says:

        Yes, I was surprised to see that such a radical would enjoy a bourgeois abode. Haus Wittgenstein in Vienna certainly looks like something more appropriate for him.

  • JoBe says:

    In what car will Mr. Audi leave?