Maestro move: Goebel’s back in Berlin

The Berliner Barock Solisten have chosen Reinhard Goebel as their artistic director, a post vacant for the past eight years.

The Solisten, members of the Berlin Philharmonic, started out with Rainer Kussmaul in the driving seat. Since 2010 it has got along with ad hoc leaders.

Goebel, 65, is a lifelong trailblazer in period instruments.


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  • Did Reinhard Goebel ever hold a position in Berlin? Not as far as I know. He didn’t even study there.

  • An appallingly ambiguous headline, designed as click bait and an insult to a very fine ensemble and brilliant musician.

    I can no longer read this blog. As Winston Churchill once said, “there are things up with which we will not longer put”.

  • I think the “..back in..” refers to his recording of the Brandenburg Concertos with them in 2017. This was a wonderful recording and one can only hope similar joys are to come now that he is there on a more permanent basis.

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