Leonard Slatkin is recovering after successful heart surgery

Message from his office:

I am very happy to report that Leonard is now resting comfortably following a successful triple bypass operation. The surgeon said that all aspects of the procedure were accomplished without problems and that Leonard is expected to be fully recovered in about three months. He and I wish to thank the many medical professionals who have worked so diligently and skillfully these past days to bring about this wonderful outcome, and we would also like to thank all of you for sending us healing messages, thoughts, and prayers.

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  • I wish L. Slatkin the best of luck. In my opinion, it was great of him to take leadership of the Detroit Symphony. Some of his recordings with them have been terrific, particularly the recent Copland third symphony and the Rachmaninoff “Symphonic Dances”. Actually, that whole Rachmaninoff series was very good. His recent Ravel recordings from Lyon are quite good as well, especially the complete “Daphnis et Chloe”.

  • Hopefully this will put the maestro in top-top shape for another several decades of exploring the highways and byways of the orchestral repertoire.

  • Great news indeed! I met Leonard at my first professional steps in St. Louis in the early seventies and caught up with him some years later where we spent a whole day in Paris together. Some wonderful memories of younger days… Leonard: I wish you countless
    years to come in great music making, total recovery and best health!

  • Get well soon Mr Slatkin! I want to enjoy your enlightened comments on this blog for a long time and maybe attend a concert some day in Lyon (I am a parisian, but it would worth the trip!). I found next season programm very tempting compare to National and new philarmonic orchstra of Radio France or others here in Paris, as usual you’d better love Mahler or stay home…….

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