Keyboard diplomacy: Richard Clayderman is playing Teheran

The smoochy French pianist paved the way 30 years ago for western musicians to play in China.

Now he’s opening in Iran.

Details here.

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  • I’ve just booked my ticket. I have to rush to see this one!! Hoping “Hammerklavier” is on the program!! Very exciting.:-)

  • The purveyors of public musical culture in today’s Iran are almost wholly talentless, amoral charlatans; accordingly, this comes as no surprise.

  • It might have been a good idea for him to play Sorabji’s Gulistān while there; as a piece by a half-Western, half-Parsi composer based upon the work of Sa’di, I’m sure that its Persian credentials would go down as much of a storm in present-day Iran as would Donald Trump setting up a golf course in Isfahan…

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