Jake Gyllenhaal to play Leonard Bernstein?

Hollywood chatter has it that the Brokeback Mountain star will play Leonard Bernstein in a forthcoming biopic, The American.

The director is Cary Joji Fukunaga and money is being raised at Cannes for shooting later this year.

The script has been adapted from Humphrey Burton’s biography.

He did not get that part at this audition.

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  • Lenny’s life and work is way more interesting than any possible movie about it. I don’t see how he can be condensed to 2 or so hours. But I am opened to being convinced. Frankly, I am feeling a bit Lennyed-out at this point of 2018, and it’s only May.

    • Why would he “be condensed”? A movie has no obligation to cover all aspects of a person’s life. It will probably focus on one or two parts of his life and if it does it well, then it can be called an artistic success.

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