In Munich academy’s sex trial, the molester says he was molested

The former head of Munich’s Hochschule, the pianist Siegfried Mauser, has been commenting on his sentence of two years and nine months for molesting female colleagues and pupils.

He maintains he led a sexually liberated life which did not affect his professional duties, and that all relations were consensual.

He adds: ‘In the case that led to my conviction, I have nothing to blame myself for. I knew the woman from my studies. She tried by all means to get a job at the university and has therefore repeatedly harassed me – even sexually, which I was uncomfortable. Once I had to push her out of the room because I had appointments and she did not want to leave. My secretary at the time was able to confirm that. Therefore, to sentence me, I think is a scandal.’


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    • In the victim era we see great democracy; EVERYbody is a victim. It’s self-perpetuating and very easy to claim and manufacture. Look mummy; no hands!! Don’t send me to jail officer; mummy didn’t change my nappy.

      Outcome: leniency.

      Why wouldn’t you do it???

  • It is reverse gender discrimination to assume a woman can do no wrong, and that we must all be responsible for her feelings. It’s sickening to see it registered legally.

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