Finalists are named for Domingo’s Operalia. One of them is Long Long

Finalists are named for Domingo’s Operalia. One of them is Long Long


norman lebrecht

May 07, 2018

There are no British, French or German singers in the 40 chosen for this summer’s Operalia in Lisbon.

Here’s the list:

Zarina Abaeva, soprano, Russia, 32

Migran Agadzhanyan, tenor, Russia, 26

Cornelia Beskow, soprano, Sweden, 32

Nicole Brandolino, mezzo-soprano, Italy, 29

Rihab Chaieb, mezzo-soprano, Canada, 31

Chan Hee Cho, bass, South Korea, 25

Emily D’Angelo, mezzo-soprano, Canada/Italy, 23

Bekhzod Davronov, tenor, Uzbekistan, 24

Alejandro Del Angel, tenor, Mexico, 27

Monica Dewey, soprano, USA, 28

Kseniia Galitskaia, soprano, Russia, 25

Luis Gomes, tenor, Portugal, 31

Samantha Hankey, mezzo-soprano, USA, 26


Summer Hassan, soprano, USA/Egypt, 29

Elbenita Kajtazi, soprano, Kosovo, 27

Johannes Kammler, baritone, Germany, 30

Mingjie Lei, tenor, China, 30

Long Long, tenor, China, 27

Roberto Lorenzi, bass-baritone, Italy, 29

Mykhailo Malafii, tenor, Ukraine, 27

Rita Marques, soprano, Portugal, 28

Danylo Matviienko, baritone, Ukraine, 28

Alexander McKissick, tenor, USA, 26

Emma Moore, soprano, Australia, 30

Petr Nekoranec, tenor, Czech Republic, 26

Diana Nurmukhametova, soprano, Russia, 27

Carles Pachón, baritone, Spain, 23

Gleb Peryazev, bass, Russia, 24

Pavel Petrov, tenor, Belarus, 27

Martin Piskorski, tenor, Austria, 30

Sean Michael Plumb, baritone, 26, USA

Marigona Qerkezi, soprano, Kosovo, 25

Josy Santos, mezzo-soprano, Brazil, 29

Simon Shibambu, bass-baritone, South Africa, 31

Elizabeth Sutphen, soprano, USA, 27

Chiara Tirotta, mezzo-soprano, Italy, 28

Vanessa Vasquez, soprano, Colombia/USA, 28

Marina Viotti, mezzo-soprano, Switzerland/France, 32

Arseny Yakovlev, tenor, Russia, 26

Yajie Zhang, mezzo-soprano, China, 25


  • Another Hasbeen says:

    Johannes Kammler is from Augsburg in Bavaria (and incidentally studied in London).

  • Gadi says:

    Who cares where they are from…. It’s not the world cup,
    it’s a singing competition. Either you can sing or not. There’s no special slot offered to certain countries… I don’t get the rational behind that statement.

  • Hermann the German says:

    Even more surprising is the fact that there is no singer from South Korea.

  • John Bills says:

    No singers from Germany or France?
    Johannes Kammler, baritone, Germany, 30
    Marina Viotti, mezzo-soprano, Switzerland/France, 32

  • Borech says:

    Samantha Hankey won the Glyndebourne Opera Cup, recently and there are other finalists in this list. Elbenita Kajtaz won the Audience Prize.
    Simon Shimbabu is a Jette Young artist at Covent Garden..

    BTW, there is one South Korean.

  • SoCal Dan says:

    Those of us who attend Met Opera HD broadcasts have seen Rihab Chaieb as Laura in Verdi’s Luisa Miller (4/14/2018) and Petr Nekoranec as Dean of Faculty in Massenet’s Cendrillon (4/28/2018).

    Those of us who attend performances of the Royal Opera in the movie theater have seen Simon Shibambu as Montano in Verdi’s Otello (6/28/2017).

    A few other singers on the list have participated in operas shown livestream via the Internet: Johannes Kammler as Sherasmin in Weber’s Oberon, with Bayerische Staatsoper (7/30/2017); Roberto Lorenzi as Alidoro in Rossini’s La Cenerentola, with Opera Lille on Opera Platform (10/14/2016); and Sean Michael Plumb in three roles — as a manservant in Shostakovich’s Lady Macbeth of Mtensk, with Bayerische Staatsoper (12/4/2016), as a nobleman in Schreker’s Die Gezeichneten, with the same company (7/1/2017), and as Marco in Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi, with the same company (12/23/2017).

    Among these singers, I was particularly impressed by Lorenzi (excellent low notes and real gravitas on stage).

  • George says:

    Marina Viotti is Marcello Viotti’s daughter. Quite impressive and wonderful that all his four children became professional musicians.

  • EVA says:

    So what? Why is that name on the head of a finalist-announced article? It’s not funny, at all. Western names can also sound awkward in the other side of the globe and it should not be something to be laughed at. Have some respect.
    I’m now rewriting the same comment, hope you did not intentionally block my previous one.

  • Robin Worth says:

    Can someone explain why there seem to be few tenors coming out of Italy these days? There are none on this list, and none from Spain either

    Fifty plus years ago there were Corelli/Del Monaco/Di Stefano/Bergonzi established and Pavarotti coming up fast

    And a bunch of wonderful tenors overshadowed by them (Gianni Raimondi comes to mind) maybe Renato Cioni and others

    Where are the tenor voices with an Italianate timbre today? Alagna…… the late Salvatore Licitra……….. What is going on?