Exclusive: Jonas Kaufmann’s next role

The tenor is preparing Loris in Giordano’s Fedora for a La Scala production in 2020.

You read it here first.


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  • The first tenor to sing Loris was Enrico Caruso. Since rhen Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Luciano Pavarotti and Giuseppe Giacomini have taken on the role.

    • pavarotti never sang the role on stage. Th eonly ones that matter and sang the role were Gigli, Del Monaco and Corelli

      • Melandri, Prandelli, Gigli, Pelizzoni, Tagliavini, di Stefano, Bottion, del Monaco, Prevedi, Giacomini, Campora, Domingo, Carreras, Cura, Bonisolli, Armiliato. But not Corelli or Pavarotti, afaik re. Loris complete.

  • Very observant comments above. I know this opera. I have conducted it. Only twice but that was enough! Good point about the top. And yes, who IS going to the Fedora? There are NO high notes for either the Tenor or the Soprano in this opera. Again as in Chenier, you have a second-rate opera with a FIRST RATE Libretto.

  • I think Gheorghiu is very keen on it and I did see it many years ago with Freni who was in her twilight years.

  • This is an odd choice for Kaufmann, imho, considering his current reperoire.
    But with him one never knows.
    I might guess that the Fedora will be Anna Netrebko, who has yet to sing the role.
    She would be terrific in it.
    Or perhaps Maria Jose Siri, who is popular at La Scala these days.
    It will be interesting to see what is announced for this.

  • You are NOT THE FIRST, Norman Lebrecht! Operawire was quicker, but the quickesr was Corriere della Sera!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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