Der Spiegel gets inflamed by sex in the Musikhochschule

The German weekly goes in-depth on two cases in Munich that others have been reporting for years.

Full salacious read here.


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  • While the allegations go back more than a year, the reporting as linked to here is from November 2017, i.e. six months, not “years”.

  • Given the obvious difference in the level of their respective journalism, I admire the chuzpa of your comparison of the linked “others” and Der Spiegel.

  • Most of the article is behind a paywall (paymirror?), unfortunately. It does sound more salacious in German. Compare: aufknöpfte vs unbuttoned.

  • Commenters Daphne Badger and Hans-Dieter Glaubke have been banned from Slipped Disc for persistent abuse.

    • The last comment I read by Mr. Glaubke was a question why Sixtus above claimed that ‘aufgeknöpft’ would be more “salacious” than ‘unbuttoned’. This is what made you to ban him? Seriously??

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